Powderpuff players, coaches united in common struggle

September 16, 2018

The defeat of the freshman, sophomore and junior powderpuff team leads the senior team to victory on Sept 12. The girls game depended on the girls’ ability and the plays. The responsibility of knowing which moves comes next falls upon the coaches.

A lot of these coaches are football players themselves. A coach for the senior team, senior Jason Lassic he knew the team would win. For Lassic, there were challenges switching from being the player to the coach.

“There are a lot of things that you do as a player but can’t really explain as a coach,” Lassic said.

Lassic’s coaching brought the seniors to victory in each one of their games. Their main play was to avoid junior Tamiya Perryman. They succeeded with this plan due to the senior’s defense.

Junior Jackson Dunn coached the junior team. His team won all of its games, except for the games against the seniors.

“I feel like our talent was spread out throughout all of the other girls,” Dunn said. “I made it so the other teams couldn’t run their defense off of one player.”

Whereas, Dunn also found difficulties as well transitioning from player to coach.

“You have to figure out how to explain things you do every day in an easy-to-understand way,” Dunn said. “ You also are the person the whole team looks to with plays and formations. “

With the senior team winnings, Lassic states they won it all because their defense was “cold,” meaning good.

Laney Kyle

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