Eighth graders tour new school


Photo by Ben McHenry.

Senior Ben Redar stakes out the CCA during his lunch period, where he will lead eighth graders through on tours of the school.

Two floors, over 130 classrooms, and over 3,500 students. More than 1,000 freshman will have to get accustomed to learning and making friends in such a huge school next year. To make this easier for incoming freshman, leaders including members of NHS, the Student Government and the CUB Club will be giving tours to eighth graders this week in hopes of acclimating them to their academic home for the next four years.

Tours will start at 9 a.m. in the auditorium, where they will hear from counselors about classes and options they have next year. Then, student leaders will give them a tour around the school to familiarize them with the layout, and tours will conclude in the gym with Mr. Urban where they will all get a t-shirt.

Beyond just getting students familiar to the building, these tours focus on bridging the gap between upper and underclassmen.
“There is sort of a stigma between upperclassmen and underclassmen even talking to us upperclassmen if they need to.” Redar said.

High school is four years of learning opportunities, and these tours strive to set as many students on a high achieving path as possible. Giving incoming freshman a taste of what a day in high school is like will prepare them for their academic challenges and excite them to face them head on.

“This is similar to Tiger Fever, although that’s focused more on socializing and school spirit, and while that is part of these tours, I think mainly it will show kids all they can learn here and they can hear it first hand from us all what we have been able to learn as a tiger.” Senior CUB Club member William White said.

Jan. 24 and 25, will be many students’ first introduction to high school, and making that introduction a positive one is a key focus of the tours, so it was vital to choose the most upstanding students to leave a lasting dialogue, and a lot of incoming freshmen do not know anyone and feel kind of distant, so this is a good way to show them they have an impression on these future Tigers.

“We have a lot of students giving tours that have a lot of positive energy and a lot of good things to say about the school,” Redar said. “They’re all really grateful to be at Fishers and for their experiences here, so when you have those kinds of people showing these kids around it will hopefully point them in a positive direction.”