Alternate PE credit for spring sports opens


By Mia Morales.

Alternate physical education credit registration has opened for all spring sports. This gives student athletes the opportunity to relieve some stress from their school day schedules.

Ellie Albin, Sports Editor

As the spring sports season hovers on the horizon, so does the arrival of alternate physical education credits for athletes across the school.

The alternate credit program allows for students who compete in a sport at or outside of FHS to receive one of their two necessary gym credits.This opportunity opens up students’ schedules to include classes other than gym.

“I chose a study hall with my extra time because I knew I had a challenging schedule that would benefit from a study hall,” junior lacrosse player Rebecca Chrisman said. “Plus, I knew I could use the study hall to finish tests or get extra help.”

The alternate credit is available for all sports seasons – fall, winter and spring. Along with not being limited by the season, the credit is also available to an activity that is not a part of the sports realm: marching band.

Freshman marching band member Levin Wann utilized the opportunity to fulfill his first gym credit requirement. However, only one alternate credit is allowed per student – the other credit must be a “live” credit. Or, in other words, students must take a credit in class during the school year or in summer gym.

“I’m going to take summer gym,” Wann said. “I made this decision because it allows me to have some free time in my schedule. It allows me to take classes like PLTW instead of having to take gym.”

Many options are available for students – alternate credits, online gym, in-class and summer gym. No matter the schedule a student has, FHS is able to accommodate each student’s wants and needs.

“Alternate PE shows you are being active, just through a different manner,” Chrisman said. “It gives more room for athletes to focus on school and classes that interest them.”

Spring sport alternative PE credit registration is currently open and will close on March 28.