Live-action Clue rendition to be performed at Ambassador House


Photo used with permission of Elizabeth Davies.

Bottom Row: junior Nicole Arive, seniors Joey Cerone and Sam Durnell Top Row: seniors Curren Gauss, Lydia Gordon and Kat Doan have been rehearsing since March.

Patrons will enter as guests and leave as witnesses to the unveiling of a crime at Heritage Park for the upcoming student live-action Clue performance on April 18 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Before the show, the audience members will mingle between guests to meet the characters and their stories. This experience is still a part of the interactive performance. Due to the nature of the show, guests are recommended to wear semi-formal attire. Senior Elizabeth Davies began working on the storyline last December after pitching the idea to Jon Colby as a final performance project for the second semester.

“Where I put most of my effort was creating the whole backstory and world of these characters and then using that to write a script that is split into parts, yet cohesive enough to feel like one large performance,” Davies said.

Once the performance begins, patrons are thrown into a crime scene. The audience will be led by detectives to question each of the subjects. The performance is based upon the classic board game Clue. Each character will be taken from the original line-up of the six characters included in the board game. It will be up to the audience to use their intuition to determine the culprit before time runs out.

The performance will be held at the Ambassador House in Heritage Park and admission is free. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.