Notre Dame cathedral, symbol for many, burns


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Notre Dame cathedral starts to burn on April 15.

Blazing fires melted and destroyed the 856-year-old cathedral where the coronation of Napoleon once took place. Many historic events occurred within the halls of the cathedral that as many as 13 million people visit in a year, according to Vox.

The Notre Dame cathedral was lit ablaze in the evening of April 15 in Paris, France where many pedestrians and civilians stared in horror at the burning cathedral. Many Christian relics were present throughout the cathedral such as paintings and the crown of thorns. These artifacts are symbols to millions of people around the world and represent some of the most prized relics of Christianity.

“I’ve never been able to visit the Notre Dame in Paris, but the impact of the church wasn’t hard to see on my side,” senior Jack Mulkey said. “I remember telling my grandfather the news and the immediate shock he had was surprising for me. You can see it with people from many different backgrounds and religions. I think it’s a major tragedy of course, but even worse because it is on the week of Easter.”

In the U.S., many monuments stand to represent ideologies or important historical events. None of which, however, are nearly as old as the cathedral. The Statue of Liberty, for example, stands for liberty. The Tiger for FHS symbolizes pride, character and tradition throughout the halls. A symbol is something to believe in.

“When I see the tiger here at FHS, I think of strength and determination,” senior Zoe Luckie said. “The tiger is a tough cat and they have that boundless roar that not only represents our students but everyone affiliated with Fishers.”