Flags are for everyone


Mason Gushwa

Ryan Fletcher holds color guard rifle

Being surrounded by 60 girls every single day could be overwhelming, but for sophomore Ryan Fletcher its apart of his daily routine. Ryan is the 1st male to be in color guard here at FHS. Hard work, determination, drive, and athleticism are just a few skills that are necessary in order to be apart of the guard.

Possessing and building these skills is tough but stepping out of societal norms is the even bigger challenge. Diversity is the quality of being different or unique, Adversity is the state of misfortune or calamity.

“We are all trying to work toward a common goal, gender should not be an obstacle within working for this goal.” Sophomore, Ryan Fletcher said.

Many other schools in hamilton county have at least one or several males in their colorguard. This push through adversity makes FHS one more step to all inclusiveness and diverseness.

“Really no one has said to me “You’re gay” or made fun of me, which has even suprised me. Most everyone has been supportive of me, very supportive, I thought I was going to have to fight for it but its such a blessing to go to FHS.” Fletcher said.

As for the future, Ryan hopes to see more guys doing guard, color guard is an escape, a safe haven to emotionally and strongly convey feeling to an audience. Regardless of your gender colorguard is something anyone can join and participate in.