Knitting turned from hobby to opportunities


Photo used with permission from Luke Gilligan.

Luke Gilligan being recognized by the school board on Nov 13.

Teaching a class for Vogue Magazine and starting a non-profit at 18 years old, Luke Gilligan has begun his career early.

“I have always had a business-focused mindset,’ senior Luke Gilligan said. “I was trying to find ways to make money ever since I knew what money was.”

Gilligan was also selected to be at a 2 week long business camp in California. This camp teaches teenagers how to become entrepreneurs. Gilligan placed 3rd out 50 students at the camp.

He then began his non-profit company called “Huggable Happiness Corp.” This non-profit provides a teen service that gave them opportunities to give back to the community.

As well as starting his non-profit organization, Gilligan also learned how to knit at a young age of 6. Gilligan then advanced and became a knitting tech editor. He published his patterns and also created videos about his knitting.

“I kept knitting a secret from a lot of people,” Gilligan said. “I was pretty embarrassed. But the one person who constantly encouraged me to pursue my passion was Mrs. Domokos. I give her the credit for encouraging me to start Huggable Happiness, without her inspirational videos she would show each thursday and encouraging chats that we had I would never have started HH.”

Vogue noticed his success in knitting and asked Gilligan to teach a three hour workshop at their Vogue knitting live events. He taught about the size inclusivity about knitting patterns called “Modifying patterns and substituting stitches: making knitting personal to you.” Gilligan also taught another class about the basic techniques of knitting like: cables, colorwork, and reading and understanding patterns.

“I was completely shocked, honored, but also extremely stressed!” Gilligan said. “In the knitting community, a male knitter is rare, let alone an 18 year old. So to be asked to teach was an honor, but also a large undertaking because it is hard to have respect and credibility, but I figured it out!”

If interested more into volunteering at Huggable Happiness Corp., or learning more about Gilligan himself, check out