Students in Action hosts virtual student choice day

Students participate in a yoga class during student choice day in 2017.

Photo courtesy of Tiger Tracks yearbook.

Students participate in a yoga class during student choice day in 2017.

During quarantine, many students have struggled with staying entertained or just plain busy. Students in Action has organized a virtual student choice day on Friday, May 1 for anyone to join. A variety of classes will be available, from College Applications 101 to Disney Karaoke.

Junior Bailey Wilson first came up with the idea after realizing that past school work, he and his friends had nothing to do. He wanted to do something that would connect students with teachers, but was not necessarily school-related.

“No one is doing anything and I have teachers who say they’re bored, plus we only have school three times a week,” Wilson said. “So I thought to myself, ‘why don’t we add in something fun?’”

Students in Action has worked hard on organizing the event, according to junior Izzy Alexander. There was a lot of communication between students and teachers to set up the event, but Alexander thinks that it will help club members take away the value of self-driven projects.

“Everyone’s been so motivated to step in and help with the organization and everything,” Alexander said. “It’s been awesome to work on with my club.”

Classes will take place throughout the day on Friday. To join, simply sign up for the classes you would like to attend. The link to join each class’ Zoom will be posted on the library’s Canvas page under the ‘Student Choice Day 2020’ module.

“It’s totally up to the teachers, but most classes are fun topics that people are interested in,” Wilson said.

As a club, Students in Action hopes to connect students and teachers with one another while providing them with a fun experience, according to Alexander. They want to foster a connection as naturally as possible during the quarantine.

“I hope some students are able to learn something new or just do something fun for a few hours in a day, and connect again with their teachers who they haven’t seen in a while,” Alexander said.