Students encounter spooky specters at home, school


Photo by Nate Albin.

The upstairs B Hallway sees thousands of students pass through every day. After school, it is said to come to life with spirits.

Nate Albin, Online Editor

Dating back to at least Ancient Rome, horror stories have been a part of human storytelling. With Halloween fast approaching, this is the peak season for these spooky tales. Stories of ghosts and spirits are some of the classics, and the Fishers area has some of its own.

For some, the experiences with the supernatural world have been at their home. Junior Avery Haselby’s previous house provided for some mysterious encounters.

“At my old house, there would be times when my entire family would be downstairs and we heard footsteps and laughter from upstairs pretty much every day,” Haselby said. “No TVs were on; no one was upstairs.”

Strange noises were just the beginning at the Haselby house. Other unexplainable occurrences happened on a frequent basis.

“We had situations of people feeling like they were being pushed down into the stairs,” Haselby said. “People would fall all the time. We got feelings that something wasn’t right that hit you in the gut. Everyone would experience them at the same time.”

FHS may have some apparitions of its own. Junior Claudia Eichenauer experienced a spook after school her freshman year.

“I went to leave to get picked up by my mom,“ Eichenauer said. “I was in upstairs B hallway and suddenly a light began flickering and a locker swung open. I kept walking thinking ‘Oh, this is weird’ when a wall decoration fell down and I had to get out of there.”

Eichenauer told some of her friends after her experience. For her and her friend, the story was one that spooked them all.

“They thought I was crazy,” Eichenauer said. “They said it was made up. Once I explained it more, they all thought it was weird. Mentally now, I am fine, but at the time, I was terrified.”

Eichenauer loves Halloween, and she enjoys the season and the scares it can bring. With that being said, she considers herself a skeptic.

“I don’t believe in ghosts,” Eichenauer saids. “I don’t believe it to be true. I believe in coincidences that people think could be ghosts. Looking back, I don’t think what I saw was a ghost, but in the moment, I was scared. I’m not convinced.”

Haselby, on the other hand, is not so sure. She has not had any truly bad experiences with perceived ghosts, but knows others have. For her, it is a big question.

“To be honest, it can be scary,” Haselby said. “We really don’t know what is going on, but that is kind of the fun of it. If you move forward and you find things that don’t make sense, it puts a little mystery in your life. Maybe there is an explanation, but life would be a lot more boring if everything was explained.”