Holiday prices present themselves


Photo by Anna Mossing.

Presents such as slippers and candy were received by Alison Casey in a Secret Santa last year.

Anna Mossing, Reporter

As the holidays roll around, online websites and store shelves stock up with gifts.  According to Alliant Credit Union, Americans spend an average of $650 on presents during the holiday season. The standard teenager does not have a job, as CNBC reported that only 35% of teens work. Without this steady income, high school students are restricted in what they can buy for the people they care for. 


Students that do not have a job, like sophomore Glen Taylor, feel conflicted when buying presents. They want to show love and appreciation for friends and family, but simply can’t spend more money than they have.  


“It’s a bit tricky for me to find gifts since I try to find something that I know they’ll like, but that’s also not too expensive,” said Taylor. 


Freshman Hannah Brown believes that the best presents are sometimes the least expensive and easiest, such as small things like a specific food that someone loves. She recognizes that it’s the thought and effort that counts.


“Some of the best presents I’ve gotten are just little things for my room,” said Brown.  “My favorite present was a couple succulents.”


An additional strategy that groups of friends have taken up is a Secret Santa, with each person only having to buy gifts for one other.  


Senior Alison Casey enjoys this because it allows her to focus her thoughts and money on one person to make the present really special.  She also enjoys guessing who her Secret Santa is. Some examples of gifts she’s given and received are candy, jewelry, laptop stickers and fun socks.  


“I really like doing Secret Santa because you can make the gifts as personally or funny as you want,”  said Casey.


With the anxiety of the semester coming to an end and hosting or visiting family in December, students can spare the stress of having enough money to give friends and family a token of their appreciation.  Affordable gifts and Secret Santa are simple ways to do that.