Eagle Project to bring new look to CCA courtyard


Photo provided by Ben Lurton

On Feb 11, 2022 FHS principal Jason Urban congratulated junior Ben Lurton on receiving a Student-led grant from Hamilton Southeastern Foundation (HSEF) for his courtyard upgrade project.

     Many boy scouts from the age of ten aspire to become the highest rank, the Eagle Scout. To become an Eagle Scout, you must persevere and be dedicated to your troop. The final test is to run an independent project to give back to the community. 

     Junior Ben Lurton has decided to fund, organize and build new picnic tables and chairs for the FHS Courtyard outside the main cafeteria for his Eagle Project. This will provide additional seating for lunch and projects just in time for the spring. This project will include three picnic tables with umbrellas via request by the art department, and a new trash can enclosure. 

     Lurton also submitted an application for the Hamilton Southeastern Foundation (HSEF) for a grant to help kick start his project. The grant was awarded to him on Feb. 11, giving him up to $2,000. 

     Each fall, HSEF welcomes applications from HSE teachers and staff that support bringing new and innovative ideas to classrooms and schools. In 2019, the foundation supported 64 grant proposals from HSE staff and students. 

     Lurton strives to provide more seating for the students, so eventually he hopes to host outdoor events and clubs once the weather permits. The extra seating is also to compensate for social distancing regulations within the school. More space is required to keep a safe distance from others, and as a result, reduce the number of available seats. 

     “After a teacher had moved us [Lurton and friends] four times for being too close for others, we finally decided to not put up with the hassle and sit on the floor,” Lurton said. “It has become abundantly clear that there is not enough seating in the CCA. That is what led me to choose this as my Eagle Project.” 

     The idea behind the trash enclosure is to keep unwanted pests away from the trash can and seating area when students are outside working. The umbrellas are for tables so students can have shade and shelter when working in harsh conditions. 

     “The tables, chairs, and trash enclosures will be built at home by a team of volunteer scouts (including myself) and will be transported by truck to the school where they will be placed in the CCA courtyard,” said Lurton. “Right now, we plan on building the benches during the spring season. If all goes well, they should be available for use by the end of spring break.”