Loss at home for girls varsity volleyball

Varsity volleyball players stay positive after loss at the mudsock game.


Photo by Rosie Towler.

Team members seniors Ava Vickers, Margo Hernandez and Brynn Zastrow and sophomores Ellen Roberts and Jules Kellogg celebrate at the volleyball mudsock game against HSE on Thursday at FHS.

   The Mudsock game for varsity volleyball was last Thursday and although FHS did not win, the players were amazing sports.

   “They played great, [they’re] a great team with great players,” varsity player senior Ava Vickers said. “I think we lost because they outplayed us, [they’re] a great team and we could have beat them if we played harder and wanted [a win] more,”

   Still, the varsity team mudsock game had a huge student section turnout. Many Fishers and HSE High School students came to Fishers’ home court to watch the anticipated game. Allowing both student sections to show their support of the sport and FHS students.

   “With these big crowds, being able to play under pressure is really hard but being able to push through that was really a big goal of mine,” varsity player senior Brynn Zastrow said. “So, I think I played good.”

   The Fishers Varsity team may not have dominated in terms of points, but they did dominate in terms of developing team spirit. 

   “I did a good job of uplifting others when they were getting down, it’s something that takes barely any effort but can mean the world to a teammate,” said Vickers.

   With that attitude, Fishers is getting ready to face off HSE again, but next time at sectionals. 

   “It’s all a mindset and we will be ready to see them in sectionals!” said Vickers.