Back on track

Students hold on to hope for the Indianapolis Colts.


Image used with permission of Wikimedia Commons.

Colts players celebrate after a touchdown against the Miami Dolphins on October 3, 2021.

   After picking up a hard-fought win on the road against the Denver Broncos in week 5 of the NFL season, the Indianapolis Colts evened their record to 2-2-1, putting them back in the mix to make the playoffs. Despite a shaky start, Colts fans at Fishers High School have not given up on the team.

   “I think there is still hope for the Colts this year,’ junior Mira Warnick said. “I think they can improve on finding ways to win like they have so far.”

   While the team has shown improvement week to week, there are still some issues at hand, especially in the passing game.

   “Matt Ryan needs to step it up, and our offensive line is injured heavily right now, which is really holding us back,” sophomore Lucas Duer said.

   Matt Ryan has been a divisive talking point amongst the team’s fanbase, as some pessimistic fans already want him out of Indy, despite only having played five games so far.

   “We have not had a good quarterback since Andrew Luck,” freshman Jackson Shulmeyer said

   But on the other side, some fans say it is not Ryans’ fault. Some of the numbers agree, as Ryan has been sacked on average 4.2 times a game, signaling that better protection might be the issue at hand. 

   “I think he should try to run the ball more,” Warnick said. “Instead of throwing it away, he should scramble to pick up yards from time to time.”

   While running may be a quick fix, it will not solve every issue. The more time Matt Ryan can get to throw, the better, and that all starts with the linemen up front.

   The offense is struggling right now, on the other hand the defense is thriving. The Colts defense currently ranks sixth overall out of 32 teams in total yards allowed. 

   “The defense has done well, especially the secondary,” Duer said. “They have really improved since adding Stephon Gilmore, as he has made the game winning play in both victories.”

   With an 0-2-1 conference record already, another loss would minimize the teams chances at winning the AFC south. That being said, the Colts don’t necessarily need to win the division. If they win enough games, they can pick up one of three wild card spots. Making the playoffs is great, winning in the playoffs, something the Colts have not done since 2018, is even better.

   “The Colts do not have to win their division, but I hope they at least make it to the divisional round of the playoffs,” Schulmeyer said. “If they make it, it will be a step in the right direction.”