Crowd surge in South Korea

South Korean overcrowding raising questions on security.

South Korean overcrowding raising questions on security.

Graphic by Tiger Times staff.

South Korean overcrowding raising questions on security.

   The night of Oct.29 in Seoul South Korea would usually be a night full of young people in the city clubbing and having fun. Instead, it is filled with grievance and sadness the past few nights. This is due to the loss of 154 people as of Sunday. Halloween festivities ended in tragedy on Saturday due to overcrowding in the streets.

   “I think that South Korea needs to increase security staff at this event because every person who attends is in grave danger when it’s unorganized like that,” senior Elijah Gastineau said.

   In pictures online, it is noticeable that people were constantly shoulder to shoulder and packed together. It took people some time to realize that something was wrong, with people’s panicked screams competing with music coming from the surrounding clubs and bars. It was hard for the first responders to respond due to the sheer amount of people on the streets and a vast amount of people needing help.

   “There were so many videos of people asking for help and everyone just ignoring them,” sophomore Camila Barber said.

   Many relate the South Korean tragedy to the Travis Scott concert. A tragedy happened in America where 10 people sadly lost their lives. Similarly to the Seoul tragedy, the venue was overcrowded, and with low to no security, people died due to being crushed and unable to breathe with the number of people surrounding them.

   “I think it’s evidence of the carelessness of not hiring more security and not regulating the people at the event,” says Junior Barbra Cayama. “It takes me back to astroworld,”

   As of 5 p.m. KST Sunday, South Korea’s Ministry of Education said the number of injured had risen to 133, of whom 37 were seriously injured. The Ministry also said Monday that 6 school students were among the dead, including one in middle school. 3 teachers also died.

   26 out of 154 dead were from foreign countries visiting for the parties. 

   “Absolute disaster, people should have more care and safety should have been priority,” Barber said.