Tiger Spirit Supports Through Defeat

Natalie Lueung, Staff Reporter

A blaze of crimson clashed against a sea of blue on the night of the FHS v.s. HSE varsity football game. An estimated 10,000 fans attended the biggest game of the season, which took place Aug. 24. FHS lost 28-21 on HSE’s turf.It was 95 degrees, deafening and crowded. Whether fans went to the game with paint on or not, they left  with paint on them. The student section stood up the entire time the game was in play.“When we chant every third down–when we’re constantly yelling–I think that’s what spirit is. It’s a lot more useful to football players and that’s why I think our crowd outdid HSE.” senior Danny Harris, one of the nine spirit leaders, said.During the end of the fourth quarter half of HSE’s student section left. Many of the Tiger fans stayed till the end and even helped clean the student section of the bleachers.“I think we sort of helped them get through times when they need to know that everybody is still behind them or still supports the team as a whole,” said Harris.