Pocket Park brings fun for downtown Fishers


DSC_0002Walking past Handel’s ice cream shop many will notice a new little park where the old blue house use to be. This is called a pocket park and was opened on July 26. The original house that was there had been vacant for two years, so Fishers residents helped pay to get rid of it and build something new.

Tony Elliot ,the Director of Parks and Recreation for Fishers, contributed with this new park. Tony said the park would make downtown Fishers more fun.

“ My hope for the Pocket Park is for people to see it as a place to relax,” Elliot said. “We joined with Nickel Plate and we put up black boards with the sign “One Day I Will…” to make the park more interactive for the residence of Fishers.”

Visitors write on the boards with chalk for what they want to do one day. They can write what they want to do for a career or  for fun in your future.