Reliving the Final Moments of Triple Overtime


Roberto Rodriguez, Lucas Oil Game

With forty-three seconds left in the fourth quarter, the  Fishers Tigers stand off the Westfield Shamrocks in the red zone. Coaches yell and call out specific plays none of us can make-out. Blood rushes as senior Alex Sahakian steps back one by one to set up his kick. The ticking of the clock slowly going down seems like forever. Throwing the ball back, J-Shun Harris catches the ball and sets it straight up. Moving forward Sahakian swings his leg and smacks the ball from behind. Sailing through the air, the  football glides through the field goal. The crowd erupts in joy and excitement because now the Tigers are in overtime.


Going right into overtime, FHS is tied with the Shamrocks 31-31. Intensity is stirring inside all of the wild fans screaming “Go Big Red”! Battling for the win, the defense runs onto the field. Preparing for the next play, we huddle up closely. Stepping up to the line, Westfield motions and yells, “HIKE”! Players scatter and hurryto cover their man. Sprinting on the field, the Shamrocks receiver snags the ball for a touchdown. Hanging their heads low the Tigers walk off the field. About thirty seconds later the offense jogs onto the field. Quietly standing among the other students, we all eagerly wait to see what happens. Quarterback Connor Christensen walks alongside his teammates and heads up to the line of scrimmage. With his head on a swivel, he scans the defense. Quickly snapping the ball Christiansen takes it and launches a pass J-Shun for a Tiger touchdown. On the scoreboard you see the Rocks and Tigers are tied again at 38-38.

Getting another chance, the Fishers Tigers offense takes the field to put some more points on the board. Cautiously setting up, you can see the players on the field adjusting to the call. Green and red jerseys fly across the field hitting one another. As the ball soars through the air, Jay Williams jumps high into the air. Pulling the ball in,  Jay catches it for another Tiger touchdown. Echoing throughout the stadium, FHS fans are going crazy. Moping off the field, Westfield brings back their offense to try and come back. Shouting goes back and forth from the offense and defense. Linemen engage and start pushing each other over to help get the Rocks Running Back into the end zone. Hardly getting across the line, the Refs call out “Touchdown”! In shock they walk away hearing the cheering of Westfield fans. Glancing at the big screen, we saw another tied score at 44-44.

The final quarter of the game, Westfield takes the ball first. Their offense is ready and expecting to score right away. Little did they know the Tiger defense is more prepared than ever. Going through three downs, Fishers shuts down the Rocks and puts them back. Going for the win, the kicker prepares himself. Quickly taking his steps forward, the ball goes into the air but slightly left of the field goal. Westfield players are heartbroken and upset cause they missed the extra point. Happily running our Tiger offense prepares to score. After messing up two times in a row, kicker Alex Shakin jogs onto the field. Cautiously taking step by step, he shakes his legs to warm them up. Long snapper Gino Castellani throws the ball back to holder J-Shun Harris. Smoothly moving toward the ball, Alex’s foot rocks the ball from behind. Gliding in the air, Fishers fans watch it go directly between the uprights. Erupting with joy and excitement, fans and players go crazy because we just beat the only undefeated team in the conference.