Varsity Boy’s Soccer beats NHS

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Stephanie Amador , Reporter

DSC_0141_editedFor the first time in four years, Noblesville was beaten by FHS boys varsity soccer team. The varsity team practiced all summer, four days a week.

The first goal of the first half was made by senior Evan Vandevender on August 20, with the help of senior Cooper Renfro, who was tackled by the Noblesville’s goalie.

“ …at that point I was kind of excited …just because we had a chance at scoring,” Renfro said.

Vandevender scored through a penalty kick when Renfro was hurt by the other team’s player.

“I try to stay as calm as possible…and help my team out,” Vandevender said.

During the second half, the game was tied. Sophomore Aven Bufkin, got near the net and tried to score. The second the goalie moved out of his position everyone on the stands screamed “shoot!” “score!” and before you know it Bufkin took his chance and scored.

The students alongside the fence started to sing Seven Nation Army in victory of Bufkin’s score. Noblesville tried to turn the ball around and head for the FHS goal box.Bufkin turned that around and headed straight for Noblesville’s box and scored again. FHS won the game by two points, 4-2.

“I was incredibly happy, it was actually the first time in four years playing soccer here that we beat Noblesville in the opening day, I felt really good,” Vandevender said.