Seniors end the school year with spirit


Hailey Rennier

Students park in crazy ways in the student parking lot during senior week to prevent underclassmen from using the parking lot. Photo by Paige Maas.

Seniors ended their final year with a week of fun. During senior spirit week seniors dressed up in costumes, pulled pranks and celebrated the end of high school. Every day of the week had a new theme, giving the students an opportunity to put on their best costumes. This year, the themes were doctor day, hick day, character day, Hawaiian day and college day. On college day, students dressed up in college attire that represents the college they will be attending the following fall. The senior class president comes up with ideas for the week and expressed those to fellow seniors and they try to decide as a group.

“One of my favorite days to dress up was Hawaiian day because, to me, it was celebrating the warm weather that is coming,” senior Brynn Dashley said.

Along with dressing up, it is part of the student tradition for the seniors to pull pranks the second week before school lets out. This year consisted of balloons everywhere, penny dropping, bad parking and reenacting a scene from the hit movie “Toy Story.”

The students ended the week with a tailgate and a senior activity day. The senior fun day consists of catered food, a guest speaker, games and spending time with their friends and peers. Senior week gives students an opportunity to come together as a class and celebrate the unity that these events bring.

The events that the seniors chose for this week, are chosen to represent their class. Each senior class wants to leave their mark on their high school in their own unique way.

“My senior year has been great and senior week has definitely topped it off. I’m excited to leave and go on to college, but I’ll definitely miss it,” senior Ben Shuler said.