TEDx talk hits close to home


Lizzi Brown, Reporter

Lizzi Brown- On Fri. Oct. 17, a TEDx talk took place that touched on subjects that affect everyone’s lives: mistakes, failures, and reflections.  The event was organized by senior Rhea Thukral and the featured speakers were Dr. Linda Williams, English teacher Lauren Glasco, Jeff Rasley, Robanne Robin, and seniors Haley Clasen and Hannah Eli.

Thukral got the idea to host a TEDx talk at Fishers while listening to National Public Radio which has a TED radio hour on Sundays. According to their website, TED is “a non-profit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks.”

According to Thukral, setting up the event itself was a difficult task to accomplish.  She had to follow specific rules set by TED themselves while organizing the talk. There is an extensive application process and a required video chat with the director of TEDx.

“For example, there were only 100 people allowed here today, so that was a very specific thing that I had to make sure happened correctly,” Thukral said.

To find speakers, Thukral compiled a list vetted by the director of TEDx and chose the five based on their merits.

The speakers at this particular TEDx event spoke about their experiences with mistakes, failures and reflections.

TEDx talk
Seniors Hannah Eli and Haley Clawson speak at the Ted Talk on Oct. 17. Picture used with permission of Mr. Loser.

“What I’ve noticed is that a lot of the time people will make a mistake, but they won’t actually think about why they made a mistake, and they’ll just pout about making a mistake.  I want people to know today that making a mistake isn’t bad; it’s just that you need to think about why you made that mistake,” Thukral said.