Ringing in 2015 with new bell system


Natalie Clark , Reporter

Natalie Clark– Besides significant construction projects seen from all corners of campus, the most obvious change second semester brought was the new bell system.

Successfully tested on Monday, Jan.1, 2015, the up-to-date Valcom system was installed throughout the current building and the college and career academy.

“Simply put, we outgrew the old system.We needed a new system to accommodate the additional classrooms and areas,” assistant principle Ryan Taylor said.

Over winter break, contractors worked tirelessly to install the new system and remove the antiquated system.

“The new system includes new software interface that allows the programming of the times and associate tones; hence the new tones folks have been hearing lately,” Taylor said.

senior center
New bells were installed to be sure that everything was updated with the newly installed senior center.

Students can look forward to more modern updates associated with the college and career academy, and the new bells are just the start of it.