“Peter Pan” takes flight at FHS


Reily Sanderson, Reporter

Reily Sanderson– From sword fights between lost boys, indians and pirates, creative dances and flying actors students “Peter Pan” was an exciting show that kept the viewers on the edge of their seats. The play was shown March 19 through March 21 in the auditorium.

Peter Pan showcased creative student choreographed dances, backdrops and quick transitions between each of the five scenes and a brief intermission.

“[To prepare for the play] We all have been putting in many hours of countless repetitions of scenes,” sophomore Peyton Digregory said. Digregory plays Bill Jukes one of the pirates in the play.

Peter Pan is the first play at FHS where the viewers were able to see the actors fly on stage. Peter Pan, Wendy Darling, Michael Darling and John Darling are the characters in the play that got a chance to fly.

“In the play there are many scene changes and cool artistic backdrops that create great imagery,” Digregory said.

In see the play, it is clear the cast and crew put in a great effort to make the production of this play possible.

Peter Pan flyer.



Peter Pan Preview
Peter Pan performs on March 19. Picture taken by Reily Sanderson.