The Academic Victory Bell chimes into Fishers traditions


Senior Matthew Ridge rings the Academic Victory Bell on Sept. 24, after being accepted into Indiana University.

Mo Wood , Reporter

  Seniors lined up in the doorway of Cafe B, waiting to get a certificate and ring a bell. Not just any bell, the Academic Victory Bell, one of the many new traditions entering FHS as the CCA has been built.

  The bell was rung during all three lunch periods on Sept. 24, with seniors in each lunch queuing up for the honor of being the first in a new school tradition.

  “I’m very excited [about the bell becoming a new tradition] I hope the students like it and they’ll want to ring the bell as many times as they can,” college and career counselor Linda Brown said.

  The Academic Victory Bell was introduced by Brown. This semester, seniors will ring the bell if they get accepted into college early and next semester the bell will ring for students who’ve won scholarships.

  The idea comes from the Victory bell at home football games that is rung every time Fishers scores a touchdown, much like those accomplishments are celebrated Brown wants academic accomplishments to be celebrated too.

  “I hope people embrace it as a new tradition and think it’s fun. It’s just to help celebrate all successes,” Brown said.

  Applying for college early starts in the spring of junior year, talking to counselor to find out what the process is like and finding your college’s website and plying via the internet with help from a guidance counselor.
  “If the students like it [ringing the bell] we’ll continue it, absolutely,” Brown said.