CCA dining offers variety of food


Different varieties of food available in the CCA

The CCA has become  a big hit with their after school foods after school and all of the new items that they have to offer. Every week cafeteria workers will be introducing something new. Recently they have been trying out different soups such their jalapeño cheddar soup that they just brought last week and their pretzel bread sticks. On Tuesdays they will be serving vanilla ice cream with hot fudge and crumbled cookies on top.

“I like that the food is made right there and you know it hasn’t been sitting there all day” sophomore Dynasti Newman-Scott said.

All of the food in the CCA is made from scratch and served everyday. Baristas are looking into making frapaccinos and fruit smoothies for the spring. They will also try to give out free samples to see what students think of the new foods they are introducing.