How to get past the January slumps



A woman hides herself from the chilling winds that January brings while walking through the streets. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus

January can be one of the longest months of the year due to just getting done with the holidays, tough winter that traps people inside and getting back into school mode. So, finding something to do during this time can be hard, even more with a lack of motivation which is common.

According to WebMd, Seasonal Affective Disorder, can cause depression during times when there is not much light and the holiday rush is over leaving people stranded.

“After the holidays I have no motivation compared to before, from Thanksgiving on you have something to look forward to and get excited about. But when it is January, I feel like there is nothing to do unlike before,” sophomore Ayslinn Roberts said.

If snow hits which can be typical in the month of January, you are found to be inside more, often times leading you to be bored. Something to get people out of the house would be to go to the movies but sometimes it is just too overwhelming. That is why you can grab all of your buddies and head inside to have a fun movie marathon like Star Wars or Twilight in the comfort of your own place.

Wanting to switch it up you could always be something like baking, even after the holidays are over. Most people take a break from all the holiday treats once the December period is done but that does not mean the food has to stop. Baking goods such as cookies or uncommon dishes do not have to be the only thing that dies down with the holiday spirits.

Going outside and enjoy the cold winter with ice skating, sledding and other winter activities is also an option. Indiana people do not always take advantage of the cold weather like going out and playing in the snow that is brought in by mother nature. It is something that is different since the opportunity is not always given.

Winter at times could be rough but finding ways to stop yourself from getting Seasonal Affective Disorder, you can always find an alternate way to make the month not feel like a year.