Seeking out scholarships yields great rewards


Informational board located right outside of the guidance office. Photo credit Chloe’ Mayfield

It is that time of the year when looking for scholarships is big. Fishers High School has numerous scholarships that students can sign up for. Families have offered to give scholarships to students, and there are scholarships for certain clubs and what a student might be majoring in.

“The biggest thing students need to do is spend time researching them finding out where to get the application a lot of times students think people are going to tell them about them. But they really just need to invest some time and energy in seeking them out trying to find them and find the due date and the best place to go would be on our website.” counselor and guidance department chair Matt Swaim said.

There are many scholarships out there for students who want to get involved and look for a scholarship. To get this information go to and all of the information that students will need will be in the slide shows that have been provided.