Prom lacks magical element and disapoints


Students pose for prom pictures before the dance on May 7. Photo by Emma Russell.

Emma Russell, Copy Editor

Portrayed in movies as one of the magical nights of your life; prom in simple terms is overrated. Throughout my childhood I grew up watching Disney movies showing girls getting asked in magical ways to go to one of the “most impact” nights of her life, and then she wears an extravagant dress and heads off for her night.

Mixed with all the hype and expectations of prom, I had high hopes for what the night would be like, but upon arrival I was immediately met with disappointment at the door. The check in, where students alert the staff that they are present, was on a lower level floor from where I entered. Though this did not strike a problem with me directly, it did cause a problem for security since anyone could enter and claim they had checked in.

The decorations for the theme “Starry Night” were also highly disappointing. The decorations consisted of two large strands of lights draped over the dance floor, the colorful lights from the DJ booth and the corn hole booth set up outside on the terrace. I cannot understand how that is technically decorated but that’s how the prom was set up.

Overall the actual prom ended up being the most boring part of my night and in other words a waste of money and made me want to exchange my dress and return the items I had payed for and have a night on the town with my friends.

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