Scholarships and awards are given to honorable seniors


Seniors (left to right) Megan Forbes, Lorinda Kirk, Daniel Greiwe and Michael Folta receiving the TigerONE Scholarship by the TigerONE president Joe Eaton. Photo by Carolina Puga Mendoza

Carolina Puga-Mendoza, Reporter

College has confronted an increment of student loans by five percent since the 2000’s. Students who look forward to earning  scholarships may face challenges due the competition between students. Senior awards are an annual meeting when scholarships are given to ‘Honored Seniors.’

“I thought that the senior awards were a great opportunity to get money to pay for college,” senior Bijal Patel said.

For the 2016 class, only 81 students were chosen from a total of 700-750 seniors. Approximately 1.5 million dollars were given to the community of HSE and FHS together. Only 54 awards and scholarships were awarded, all of them varying in between 100 to 300,000 dollars. 13 department awards were provided.

“To me even a little award can make big difference. It represents all of the hard work I did over the years, so I thought that it was great achievement to be part of the awards,” Patel said.