Boys soccer presents check to unified track and field team


Fishers High School boys soccer raised money and presented a check to Unified Track and Field team between their games on September 6th. Photo by Alaina Gabbard

Alaina Gabbard , Reporter

$1500 check was presented between both mud sock soccer tournaments on September 6th.

“We made it a goal to be more active in the Fishers community. Then we found a great cause within the school and decided to go from there,” boys varsity soccer coach Robert Pels said.

The boys soccer team held a carwash that the players, staff and many parents attended and contributed to, raising just a bit under $3,000. The team set the goal to donate $1000 or 50% of their earnings but, overall exceeded their goal.

“We had two different stations going.  One half of the team would wash it down and the next would have to go and dry the cars. Half the team out in the streets with signs, collecting money donations,” senior soccer captain Cole Bennett said.

Seniors teamed up with the freshman and juniors teamed up with the sophomores.

“I think the Unified Track and Field Team is a good club and organization we have at Fishers. Everybody coming together to support another school activity,” senior Gabe Bowron said. “We can all come together and build one relationship and have one goal.”