Doctor Strange does not inspire awe among audiences



Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange posing on the cover of the movies poster. Photo courtesy of the Tribune News Service.

“Doctor Strange” is the second movie of phase three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and followed the typical plot line of a single hero movie from Marvel. Something bad happens to the main character, he seeks enlightenment, he hurts his love interest then saves the world.

Strange, played by British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, starts the film as an arrogant surgeon who loses the use of his hands during a car accident. Strange, obsessed with regaining the use of his hands goes through many surgeries and when those do not work, he travels to Kamar-Taj to see The Ancient One, played by Tilda Swinton. The Ancient One teaches Strange how to use magic and he becomes a sorcerer, and takes on Kaecilius, portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen.

The movie has amazing graphics especially the first seven minutes or so, where buildings zig zag and fold into themselves, it is so amazing and fantastical, Marvel did not spare any expenses there. The rest of the movie however, was pretty slow, there was lots of action towards the end, and in the middle it was very stereotypical hero movie. I have seen it to many times, the solo movies of Marvel need to figure it out.

There has also been a lot of controversy over Swinton’s role as The Ancient One. In the original comics, The Ancient One is of tibetan descent and Swinton is British. I feel that Marvel tends to be very white super hero black side kick and needs to diversify, so having a real tibetan person would have really shocked me and helped Marvel catch up to DC in the diversity department.

Overall Doctor Strange satiated my need for a new Marvel movie, and had some really cool points, like the graphics, but had no other appeal. I give it three out of five stars.