Moana is Disney’s shiniest movie yet



Disney’s Moana was released on Nov 23, 2016. Pictured is Moana with the demigod Maui, played by Auli’i Carvalho and Dwayne Johnson. photo courtesy of Tribune News Service.

Lia Benvenutti , In-Depth Editor

Times are changing, and with it the ideals and qualities of a typical cinematic hero (or in this case, heroine). Disney’s Moana uses beautiful animation technology combined with brilliant musical scores to create a stunning movie that makes audiences feel empowered and emotional.

With special teams just for the animation of the water and the hair of various characters, the animation of the entire movie creates an atmosphere that puts audiences right into the story. The visual art and symbolism throughout the entire film also creates a sense of completion by bringingĀ all the events full circle.

This effect is also helped by the absolutely amazing soundtrack written by Lin Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa’i, and Mark Mancina. Similar to the style of Hamilton, the lyrics in the songs are crafted in such a way so that they are all connected and brought together throughout the movie.

The track that leaves the biggest impact on audiences is entitled “We Know the Way” and appears early on in the film. The vocals by both Foa’i and Miranda encapsulate the dense cultural and musical impact that trips to the South Pacific left on the songwriters and animators both.

The way Disney has tied in Polynesian culture with such a beautiful story about bravery and self-discovery makes Moana truly one of the greatest Disney films created to this day.

Moana is showing in all theaters as of Nov 23. To watch the official trailer click here.