Pets get into the Halloween spirit


A picture of Tony Leppert’s newest dog, Susan in a ladybug costume. Photo taken by Tony Leppert.

Mandy Lewellen , Comic Artist

Not only people are dressed up for Halloween, but their animals too. According to a recent survey conducted by National Retail Federationabout 16 percent of consumers are dressing their pets up for this Halloween.

“I feel that pets should at least feel comfortable in the costumes and not embarrassed about it,” junior Tony Leppert said. “Owners should be thoughtful when dressing up their pets.”

In 2015, PetSmart’s bestselling products were Halloween costumes. However, this year, PetSmart and other pet stores have begun producing items other than costumes, such as Halloween accessories. PetSmart has also doubled its selection of Halloween-themed products, like beds and toys matching some costumes.

Many pet stores offer different sizes of costumes so that a variety of pets can wear them. However, there is a greater selection for pets like rabbits or hamsters online.

“I think people and stores are more connected now that there are items that not only include pets participating on a holiday while also providing cute matching items,” Leppert said.