Local Hoosiers find fame on YouTube


“Crash Course” shows a variety of different topics to help students. photo by Hallie Gallinat

Hallie Gallinat, Reporter

YouTube has been around since 2005, and since then it has become the gateway to popularity for many people. These Hoosiers have also found fame on the Internet for their channels.

John Green

The author of “The Fault in our Stars” is also a popular YouTuber on his channel, “CrashCourse,” which currently has over five million subscribers.

“Their videos are a good synopsis of the topic we are covering in history class. They are effective because they are very fast and quick, and sometimes they can be juvenile, but they hit the important parts of a specific time in history,” history teacher Jenna Pritchard said.

With his fellow host and brother, Hank, the two make educational videos in less than ten to fifteen minutes. They mostly cover history and science. Along with “CrashCourse,” the duo also own several other channels, such as “vlogbrothers” and “SciShow.”

“I use CrashCourse and notes together because I think they are reinforcers for each other. I would never use just CrashCourse on its own but I use it for going over what we’ve talked about in class,” Pritchard said.

Payton Irwin

Payton is a fifteen-year-old vlogger and gamer. He makes vlogs about his life, does challenges and Q&A videos. Currently, Payton has over 20,000 subscribers. One of his most popular videos is where he calls vlogger Roman Atwood. It has over 200,000 views.

Jessica Braun

Jessica Braun is the creator of a beauty channel known as JAMbeauty89. She reviews different cosmetics and beauty products. She currently has over 300,000 subscribers. Jessica’s channel started in 2013 and she began with a video about her favorite fashion trends of 2013.

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