“Beauty and the Beast” invites audiences to reminisce on old classics



In the new live-action “Beauty and the Beast” Belle, played by Emma Watson, skips through town as she sings about wanting more than a simple provincial life. Photo used with permission of Tribune News Service.

Madi Calvert, Editor-in-Chief

With a beautiful soundtrack and stunning visual effects, Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” thrilled the audience when it premiered on March 17. The live action remake of the 1991 animated film has already brought in $357.1 million, according to CNNMoney.

The film starred Emma Watson as Belle, a young girl living in a provincial French town who is different than the rest of the townsfolk. She dreams of escaping and traveling the world, but can only do so through her love of reading books. When she takes the place of her father as the prisoner of a hideous, cursed beast, she learns to love him along the way.

As a die-hard fan of Disney movies, I was enchanted by this film. It brought new life to a classic childhood movie. The soundtrack beautifully complimented each scene. Though one might have expected the CGI characters to look strange, they blended right in and truly made the movie a spectacle.

However, director Bill Condon did change some parts of the movie. Instead of Belle’s father, Maurice, being an inventor, Belle herself creates all kinds of inventions. In one scene, she builds her own washing machine so she is able to read while doing the laundry. It also introduces new characters like Cadenza, a maestro who is transformed into a grand piano.

I felt that at times the movie did drag a little bit and some parts could be cut out, but it was ultimately a gorgeous movie. It was wonderful to see one of my childhood favorites come to life again on the big screen, and I hope that Disney produces more remakes like this one in the future.