Nye on track to save the world, because science


Olivier Douliery

Host Bill Nye joins millions of marchers at the March for Science to help support the continuation of science programs under the Trump administration. Photo used with permission of Tribune News Service.

Mo Wood, Online Editor

Science is supposed to be definitive, and yet the findings that have been corroborated by multiple scientists, are overlooked. Modern science is a battleground between politicians and researchers. Bill Nye has won the next battle with his new Netflix exclusive show, “Bill Nye Saves the World.”

Nye is famous for his previous role on “The Science Guy” show and since it was cancelled, he has used his fame to continue advocating for scientific research. In his new show, Nye outlines controversial issuesand uses scientific data, field reports and experiments on the show.

I have been a fan of Nye since the first time I watched “The Science Guy” and have been eagerly awaiting “Bill Nye Saves the World” since its announcement. I am happy to say I was not disappointed. The show is relevant, and looks at issues being debated now; global warming, gender and sexuality, placebo effect, machines taking over the world and many other topics.

Nye is careful to make sure his arguments are backed by proved data, and he brings in experts on the subject to hold panels discussing the issues. The whole series is meticulously planned and make very good points and help further the cause of science.

While the show tackles serious subjects, Nye also brings with him his air of comedy, that was so entertaining in his previous show. Nye also features celebrities like Zach Braff, Wil Wheaton and Alton Brown.

I predict “Bill Nye Saves the World” will be a major success for Netflix and for science.