‘Harry Styles’ shows new side of former boyband member



Artist Harry Styles performing with previous One Direction band members at Wembley Stadium in London. Photo used with permission of MCT Campus.

On Friday, May 12 Harry Styles released his solo debut album ‘Harry Styles’ after his single “Sign of the Times” reached 28 on the Hot 100 billboard. Styles began his solo career after One Direction split up in 2016 following their six years of being a pop boy band together.

Styles left his pop music in the past and went for more of a “rock and roll” genre in his new album. Songs like “Kiwi” and “Only Angel” have a hard bass throughout them bringing a similar sound to those of John Lennon or Johnny Cash.

He does not leave all pop behind with the song of “Sweet Creature” which has been the second most popular song of the album so far after “Sign of the Times”.

‘Harry Styles’ also brings a Hotel California jam with “Carolina”, “Two Ghost” and “Meet me in the Hallway”. By listening to those songs, one feels as if they are at the beach enjoying a calm mellow.

Just like ZAYN, Styles’ previous One Direction band member, went solo, he was not afraid to open about the struggles which couldn’t be shared in the boy bands upbeat songs. Styles expressed to fans the loneliness and inner conflicts himself and many others face with the songs of “From the Dining Table” and “Ever since New York”. The songs express how even famous people can go through hard times.

In an interview with Apple Music, Styles expressed how he wanted to make an album that everyone liked but didn’t know everything about himself or what he was going to do.

Harry Styles’ sold out world tour will begin on September 19 in San Francisco, California and end on December 8 in Tokyo, Japan.

‘Harry Styles’ is available for streaming or downloading on Apple Music or Spotify.