Jazz Ensemble performs fresh tunes


(Left to right) Seniors Ethan Lehman, Kyle Herke, Joe Boksa, Matt Kertes and junior Gabe Glover take part in an impromptu performance at the Nickel Plate Amphitheater prior to a school performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, on May 13. Photo used with permission of Elise Herke.

A group strung together by high and low notes played on all different instruments, the Fishers Jazz Ensemble will perform in the fall play and other school events and competitions.

“I’ve only been in Jazz Ensemble for one year,” sophomore Zachary Schulz said. “It has been a lot of fun, and I’ve met some of my best friends.”

The type of music played by Ensemble is what makes it different from other band classes. Marching band and concert band have the same consistency and tone to all of the music, whereas ensemble varies its style.

“When people think of jazz, they think boring music,” Schulz said. “In reality, it is an exciting roller coaster of music with pizazz. It is spicy, sour and sweet all in one.”

Jazz Ensemble is just like another class. It takes place every first period in the orchestra room. The members prepare for upcoming performances during the period, according to Schulz.

“Practicing and being with my friends is the best part about it,” Schulz said. “It is a load of fun, and we would love for everybody to become a part of our musical ride.”

The Jazz Ensemble will have a concert on November 20. For more information on time and tickets, click here.