Teachers, policemen “grow” awareness for No Shave-November.


Junior Ross Delong puts his Riley Kids bucket on his desk on Nov. 1 to inform people that he is a campaign manager, raising donations for senior Brayton Wilds.

John Yun, Reporter

Benefactors can donate to Riley Children’s Hospital this month through No Shave-November, where male teachers drop their razors and compete to see who can raise the most money for Riley and grow the best beard by the month’s end.

“I think No Shave-November is a great way to raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital, especially because it is fun for the student body,” NHS member junior Darrell Fischer said.

NHS created the No Shave-November contest in 2015 by NHS to raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital. Male teachers are matched against each other in a bracket, and the teacher that raises more money than their opponent for the week moves up until there is a winner.

“I think this is a great idea just like it has been for the past couple years,” NHS member senior Allison Hedberg said. “It’s a fun event, it’s a way to get everyone involved and we make money for Riley’s Hospital, which is great.”

Students also serve as campaign managers for the teachers participating in No Shave-November. The students will raise donations for their respective teachers by selling baked goods, pictures and other goods.

Students will also be competing against each other for the best beard by the month’s end. Male student participants will also be in a bracket and rivaling to raise the most money for Riley by the end of each week. Students will also have campaign managers for them.

The final winning student and teacher will then go against each other to see who will win.

Police officers from the Fishers Police Department will also participate in No Shave November this month to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

“It’s usually only teachers, but now you have cops in it, and I feel like that’s just going to be funny,” Hedberg said.

The Fishers Police Department invites participants to send photos of them and a participating police officer to we[email protected] to be posted on their social media platforms.