Snapchat update faces backlash


“Snapchat” received backlash after their update earlier this month which changed the design of the app. Users have taken to Twitter, app stores and petitions to voice their complaints. Photo used with permission of Barn Images.

Ashley Steele, Reporter

Snapchat underwent a major update earlier this month with the intention of creating an easier-to-use design according to their website. The redesign several combined or changed the locations of several features. However, this update has not sat well with many users as the iOS app store shows with its two out of five star rating.

A petition for Snapchat to remove the update has received 1.2 million signatures and counting on People are still signing the petition even after the company’s response on Feb. 20 saying they would not revert back to the older version.

The redesign also integrated stories into the friends screen and changed both the profile button and appearance of the send screen.

“[The new design] confuses me a lot. I constantly forget where things are like where the page to add my story is so I can post on it.” junior Carolina Harrington said.

In response to users’ confusion over the location of several features, the company created a cheat sheet to help users navigate the app.

On top of the new design layout, there have been several other smaller features added like the different fonts and the do not disturb option.

“My favorite new feature is that you can see some people that you can’t usually see, like if they are famous, you can see some of their stories. Also they give you more news related things, which is nice because the Winter Olympics are going on now.” Harrington said.

Despite the backlash against the design itself, these features have not received as much focus from users. However, the description of the petition claimed that many users liked these features and did not want them removed.

While Snapchat has no plans of reverting back to their old design, they have promised a few new updates in the coming weeks as stated in their response to the petition. These updates will allow users to customize features like group chats, stories and subscriptions.