Valentine’s Day singles out the worst in people


According to ABCNews people spend about $18.2 billion on cards, balloons, candy, jewelry and more. That is an average of $136.57 per person. Photo used with permission of MCT Campus.

Valentine’s day is a special day, well only for those who are in relationships. Maybe some single people enjoy the holiday and spend it with friends, but underneath all the smooching and hugging can get a bit out of hand.

According to OnMogul, Valentine’s day should not be celebrated because of how much it makes love less special. For example, they explain how this date is the day people express all their love to one person but in reality, they should express that same amount of love to their partner no matter what day. One day to make someone feel special seems a little greedy. People in couples should express their feelings for their partner and make sure they feel special every day.

Also, not only does this day make people in relationships spend money fast, but it also makes those who are lonely feel rushed and more pressured to do something about their love life as they watch some couple in the hallway ogle at each other.

Just do not forget that tomorrow, Feb. 15th, all chocolates will be on sale, the one positive of Valentine’s day.