Football season should stick to summer, leave spring alone


Students watch the annual Mudsock game between the Tigers and the HSE Royals on Sept. 8. Tigers win 20-14. Photo by Mia Morales.

Each season its specific set of sports. Fall has football, just like spring has baseball. 

When someone thinks of football, they think of playing in the fall breeze, and in some cases, the cold. The thought of baseball brings to mind the spring sun, and games being postponed due to April showers.

Extending football to a spring season would be like drinking hot chocolate in the summer. It does not go together, and makes no practical sense.

Most football players also participate in winter and spring sports, so they would not be able to do as much through the school if football was extended. Players would have to choose between playing football from fall through spring or participating in another seasonal sport like track, basketball or baseball.

Due to spring having changing weather conditions, the practice and game schedule would constantly be messed up due to having to cancel or postpone events.

Football is a fall sport, and it should stay in the fall because there are other sports that people enjoy watching in the winter, spring and summer.