‘Love, Simon’ leaves audience with tears of happiness


Nick Robinson, who plays Simon, and Katherine Langford, who plays Leah, star as best friends in Love, Simon released on March 16. Photo used with permission of Rose Dommu.

Seana Jordan, Reporter

With a memorable soundtrack, captivating dialogue and well developed characters, “Love, Simon”, a movie that will stand the test of time.

This coming of age film took the unoriginal setting of a high school love story and gave it a new perspective that made way for more representation of the LGBTQ community. In other films dealing with the pressures of coming out, there are an array of stereotypes that do not correctly represent the community, however the main character, Simon, does not act any different than an average heterosexual would.

Subtly, the movie comments on issues that are fairly prevalent around the world aside from LGBTQ, such as women’s rights, cell phone addiction and bullying. The main dilemma emerges when one of  Simon’s classmates gets a hold of his private emails in which he talks about being gay to his mystery pen pal. Simon has to figure out how to keep the classmate from leaking them to the whole school. This could be interpreted as the issue of whatever is put online can be obtained by anyone.

I found myself able to connect with every character as they were introduced. Leading actors, Nick Robinson, Katherine Langford, Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Garner, did a great job taking the script and making it more personal. Each character had a solid background and felt like real people with real issues. The story line did not feel over dramatized like many other romantic comedies do.  

I could feel every emotion that was on screen and it made the experience more immersive. A few tears were shed during the coming out scene because his family accepted him and that is not something seen everyday. At the end of the movie when the pen pal revealed himself, everyone in the theater began to scream and clap. The film started off strong with a humorous monologue and ended strong with a satisfying and heartfelt conclusion. 

“Love, Simon” was truly an amazing production that everyone needs to see. Hopefully, this movie’s success will motivate Hollywood to produce and distribute more films that better represent the LGBTQ community. “Love, Simon” is in theaters everywhere.