NHS opens year with new sponsor

After Darcy Bannitt’s retirement, the chapter falls under new management.


NHS Officers welcome new members during the Oct. induction ceremony of 2017.

Mari Kantner, Reporter

National Honors Society (NHS)is a nationwide program designed to recognize students for their involvement in non-profit organizations. Volunteering at nursing homes, food pantries and so much more will transfer into service hours. The goal is to accumulate as many service hours as possible. Colleges see these hours and may be more likely to accept applications.

“I decided to sign up for NHS because I like to volunteer,” said junior Meron Washington. “This way I can get credit for something I was already doing but wasn’t getting recognized for.”

Sign-up is available in early February for current Sophomores and Juniors to participate the following year. All are required to maintain a minimum of a 3.33 GPA and accumulate ten hours of community service. Members must currently be a part of three or more clubs or extracurricular activities.

“Not a lot of people make NHS,” said Washington.

NHS schedules one meeting every month. These meetings take place either before or after school. For fifteen minutes, members announce new volunteering opportunities within the community. Sponsors collect and keep track of each person’s total service hours. Art teacher Erin Warner is the newest sponsor for NHS, replacing retired science teacher Darcy Bannitt.

“I love getting to meet the kids that wouldn’t normally take my class and inspiring them to go out and volunteer,” said Warner.