Wikihow to study


Photo used with permission by WikiMedia

Student studies by reading book and writing down notes.

Studying is important in most classes and grade levels, but in high school and leading into college it’s particularly important. Life is changing and futures hinge on learning as much as possible. Good study habits can make the difference between a pass and a fail, so what should students be doing?

Any cursory search for a Wikihow on studying leads to a plethora of lists with most of the same recommended steps teachers and students can agree are helpful such as spacing out study sessions and having some coffee before studying.

“Aside from requiring stimulants like caffeine, tips, like sticking to a routine and reducing outside stimulus, are absolutely true,” biology teacher Alex Smith said.

That is easier said than done, however, as some students can attest.

“I don’t really study,” senior Melanie Hamon said. “It is hard to just change your routine. Plus focusing on studying is more boring than most of the other things I do.”

There are Wikihow lists for that problem as well though. When unable to focus, it can help to reduce computer use to a minimum. Another prominent mistake is listening to music with a lot of words in it or just listening to music in general. Not everyone can focus on music on playing and it is important to know what personally works.