Tri Kappa holds Donut Festival for charity


Photo by Carter Hanefeld

Seniors Nathan Fulton, Drew Newquist and Luke Roe enjoy donuts in the CCA while browsing social media.

Bringing women into close, unselfish relationship for the promotion of charity, culture and education.” This is the mission statement of Tri Kappa, the organizer of the Tri Kappa Donut Festival in Saxony. While donuts are a much beloved food, the work Tri Kappa does is even more important. Tri Kappa is a non-profit sorority and is the only non-profit to solely be based in the state of Indiana.

“Over the past 118 years, Tri Kappa’s 145 Active chapters and 104 Associate chapters have supported a variety of special projects for charity, culture, and education,” as their website,, states.

When it comes to charities, they have donated to organizations of all shapes and sizes, such as the Special Olympics, Ronald McDonald House, Best Buddies, and many more. All of this adds up to a total of $1.5 million dollars donated every year. However, that money does not just go to charity, but also to the aforementioned culture and education.

“The Twanette Nutter Fleming Award is given yearly to an applicant enrolled full-time in an accredited college preparing the applicant to teach music,” states.
They also provide grants for art programs, and even participate in the nationally recognized Youth Art Month, which occurs in March of every year. Speaking of grants, Tri Kappa also makes sure that students all across Indiana are taken care of.

“Through donations to our Memorial Fund, Tri Kappa supports an emergency fund for students in need at 20 Indiana colleges and universities,” states.
While it is important to remember how all the good Tri Kappa has done, it is also important to go out and participate. To help future causes, go to the Tri Kappa Donut Festival at Saxony Hall on October 5th from 9-11 AM.