Musical postponed until further notice


Photo by Carter Hanefeld

Cast and crew pose for a photo in the auditorium on Mar. 16 before beginning the month long break from school.

Life is not the same as it was one week ago. Most school activities and virtually every extra-curricular have either been canceled, postponed or put in limbo. Currently, the musical is in the latter. On Mar. 16, a meeting was held after school including all of the musical staff to discuss the current situation, as well as the future.

“We’re looking at dates for postponement, but we have to get approval on them before anything is official,” director Anna Nickell said.

The cast and crew are still being told to practice. Recommendations were made to go over lines, choreography, cues and much more, meaning that the musical, as of right now, is not canceled. That being said, the coronavirus still loomed over the meeting, and recommendations were made over how to keep safe.

“You guys need to realize that even though you’re young and fairly immune to this thing, you are not completely invulnerable,” tech theater director Andy Smith said. “You can spread it, and that’s why we’re distancing from each other.”

While certainly applicable to the theater department, the same is applicable to everyone. CDC guidelines recommend social distancing in all aspects of life, and precautions must be taken to ensure activities such as the musical resume schedule. However, even though activities may be canceled, many are looking at the positive.

“I think this can be an opportunity for some refreshment,” senior Jacob Schilling said. “I know everyone is very stressed, and having this time off gives people time to recuperate and come back in a better position mentally.”
The original dates of Mar. 27-29 have been scrapped, and there are no concrete dates for the debut of “The Addams Family” as of this article’s publication.