Not Hilary Duff or Duff man, its The DUFF

Emma Russell– Created from the novel by Kody Keplinger, this new movie was a complete hit. After expecting this to be another overrated high school teen story that was purely about bullying, this movie actually blew me away with the amount of hilarious dialogue and witty comebacks. It took an average teen high school story to a new level, and actually made it enjoyable for people to watch. In my opinion this movie had the perfect amount of comedy, profanity, and teenage awkwardness and actually reminded me a lot of “Mean Girls”.

Even though this movie had a lot of comic relief in it, I also enjoyed the way they addressed bullying. The writers brilliantly created the term Duff (designated ugly fat friend) as a way to tie todays text lingo into the film. This movie also seriously addressed cyber bullying and how its effects are on people in todays society. This movie also brought in the aspect of social media in todays society, when main character Bianca Piper’s (Mae Whitman) bully Madison (Bella Thorne) posts the embarrassing viral videos of her online, and when Bianca’s mom tries out online dating and selfies, including Duck Face or as she calls it Duck Head.

'Duff' finds fun in the ugly side of high school labeling
Picture used with courtesy of MCT Campus.

The Duff is in theaters everywhere now, and  I would highly recommend this movie to any teenager looking for a good laugh and is ready to learn about the Duff’s social status in the school environment. This film constantly had the audience laughing and by the end of the film everyone started to realize what being a Duff really means.