DIY projects give a creative touch to thriftiness


Utilizing her creative skills, a woman uses a sewing machine and fabric to create something. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus

HGTV skills are not always necessary to successfully create items of all sorts for a low price. Do it yourself projects, otherwise known as DIYs, are an innovative and enjoyable way to develop handy skills, as well as thriftiness in shopping.

Pinterest as well as a variety of other social media sites and websites offer unique ways of creating an array of items for a lower cost than most stores offer products for. Although DIYs require work, the outcome proves to be rewarding and cost-effective.

“Most of the stuff that you need is at your house and you can make something that would be normally maybe more than 20 dollars. You can make it for free in your house and it’s so cool because I’m broke,” junior Makara Starnes said of making DIYs herself.

Starnes enjoys making room decor, shirts with a vintage touch and bracelets.

Often times, materials called for in DIYs can be found at home. Even if a few materials are missing, crafty stores such as Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and Joann offer miscellaneous items for a low price that can be utilized.

Offering an enjoyable, crafty experience, DIYs may even be preferred over buying products brand new from the store.

“It’s just fun to make stuff. I like making things with my hands. You get something cool out of what you’re doing. You can do it with friends and it’s so fun. I love it,” Starnes said.

For instructions on a DIY magnetic chalkboard and more DIY project ideas, go to HGTV’s Chip and Joanna Gaines’ website here.