Room without doors stirs up conversations


Photo by Hallie Gallinat.

Students walk by B105, unaware of the full history of the room.

Hallie Gallinat, Unity Director

While walking through the B Hallway, nothing seems too out of the ordinary. One room, B105, stands out from the others. Instead of a door leading into a classroom, the wall is completely blocked off, yet the room number still remains next to where the door was. This room has spawned questions, rumors and pranks around the school.

“I always wondered what was behind that wall but I was more so mad at the seniors,” senior Colin Sleet said. “I would always ask for help to find my classes freshman year and they would tell me to go to this room, but there was no door there. I was really confused.”

According to principal Jason Urban, there was originally a classroom there before the school’s third building phase began construction. While this occurred, both rooms A109 and B105 were used as mechanical storage rooms. After this, both rooms have been blocked off, yet their signs still remain outside of them.

The rooms on the floor above them have been affected as well. Rooms B205 and A209 also appear to be vacant with no teacher sign next to the door. However, the doors on these rooms still remain intact, unlike their lower level counterparts.

B105 has led to a few rumors around the school. For example, one rumor states that there is a room located behind the wall with no windows. Another says that during the construction of the B hallway the room needed to be caved in.

These vacant rooms add a bit of mystery to the school. While students have discussed the two missing doors before, many do not know the history behind the rooms with no doors.

“I thought it was going to be interesting,” sophomore Abby Teitsort said. “I kinda thought that there would be something behind it, like an empty room, but it makes sense that there isn’t something behind it.”