eLearning draws mixed reviews


Photo by Nate Albin.

Freshman Tanisha Davidson works on a bit of last-minute eLearning work, which must be submitted before the end of school on Nov. 27.

Nate Albin, Reporter

Nov. 15’s snow day brought many Canvas notifications to students about eLearning. Students woke up to instructions from each class detailing what their assignments would be. But with that, some students felt the work was not appropriate.

“It is sometimes too difficult and time consuming, or it is just easy busy work that is hard because it takes too long to complete and is tedious,” sophomore Sienna Borowicz said.

While some students still do not like these eLearning days, others favor them. In a student poll that received 144 responses, 51 percent said they preferred eLearning over making up a day later. One of the benefits according to some is that students do not have to go back to make up a day later on.

“I believe eLearning instead of a makeup day at the end of the school year makes more sense,” freshman Claire Mizimakoski said. “We are still able to learn while not having to make up the day.”

For some, the view of eLearning days can come down to personal preferences.

“I like eLearning because I can get work done in the comfort of my home,” Mizimakoski said.